Michael Evans (Director)

Handles the overall vision and direction of the center.  He provides leadership & Direction and Accountability to program leaders.

Biography:  Michael Evans was raised in Kalona Iowa and is fairly well known in the community. he graduated from The F.I.R.E. School of Ministry in North Carolina with a bachelors degree in 2011. He worked several years for a program called Adult and Teen Challenge. Michael has been involved with outreach programs around the globe and has been helping people in faith-based recovery consistently since 2011. Michael is a Christian and is connected to several different churches in the area.

Lonnie Jorden (Staff)

Lonnie, is one of our successful graduates who felt the call of God to help others through the process of recovery. He has run several highly successful Alcoholics anonymous groups in Des Moines and currently runs several AA meeting for us each week. He is driven by a desire to help mentor young people through recovery so they don’t have to take the difficult path that he did. He is a member of HighPoint City Church and is slowly becoming a prominent member of our community.    

Beckie Ward (Director of Administration)

Retrograde couldn't make if without Beckie she takes care of all our accounting and bookkeeping needs. Being a big supporter of Retrograde she has donated her time to serve Retrograde unpaid. 

Board of Directors and Advisory Board 

William Evans (President of the board)

Ella Walker

Lewis Payne

​Lonnie Jorden

Alvin and Julia Kramer

Aaron Fleming

Elmer Miller
John Mitchell

Rachel C Richied