We believe that there are few essential actions one must take for 180 degree life change.
These are Retrogrades 12 steps to success.
Each step is major phase of the program.  

Realize that you have a problem

Seek understanding and surround yourself with inspiration

Seek allies in this battle (but make no vows)

Realize that you’re a very powerful person.

Change your environment and surroundings

Take a deeper look at your thought life

Deepen your communication and connections

Apply forgiveness & make amends

Go through trials and let testing bring strength

Celebrate successes

Don’t get complacent - find your next battle.

Don’t try, Be. 

Retrograde as a community seeks to help guide each of our students through these processes and help them procure all the help they need.

Our Programs

We believe that the issue facing most people with life controlling problems is the way the world tells us that we should live our lives. It is an unrealistic and unfulfilling. It leads to a life absent of peace, purpose, passion or the possibility of healthy relationships. This culture shift has led to many having unproductive and unsuccessful lives, filled with a buffet of addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, unhealthy relationships, etc.

We at Retrograde are attempting to reverse not just the symptoms of the problem, but to transform the hearts and minds of our students through teaching them healthy physical, mental and spiritual habits. We believe that in doing so we will be able to help others develop and maintain meaningful, content lives.

We at Retrograde facilitate this basic life change through a faith based discipleship program. Discipleship is a combination of hands-on teaching as well as training and discipline to help people in all areas of life. This is more intensive and extensive than a vocational school or correctional facility. Our main goal is to allow the students to discover who they are and out of that develop a passion and new direction for their lives. We believe that close friendships and a strong community are essential to success.

Long-term residential programs, in general, have a much higher success rate. This is because the changes that students start have a longer time to take root and new habits are easier to form.