Opened Aug 2015

Our men's program for those men 18 years of age and up is fully up and running. We can house, care for, and train and watch God transform around 30 students a year.

This is six months in-house program.

 Followed by six months of supervised placement in the community. 

 (With the possibility to come on staff or intern)

*While we do customize our program to fit the needs of those with families or with major responsibilities we try to stay very close to these guidelines. 


Winter 2018

Trial runs will be started off our Retrograde Reboot Camps.  This will be an intense two-week program designed to jump-start life transformation in people who cannot just up and leave their responsibilities but realize they need help.

This will be followed up by a do it from home program designed to help you transform your life one step at a time. (it should be noted that we don’t believe this program will be nearly as effective as a facility-based program, but it is a good start)

While this will be initially geared towards men, we hope to be able to offer this program to all genders and ages at some point. We also will be working on a Reboot Camp program to help entire families.


July of 2019

We plan to have a fully functioning Women’s program. This program will also be set up to help women with children. We will house about 12 women and their kids for a year. 

This program is more geared around single women who need to establish

themselves into a new lifestyle to care for those who they love the most. We will be working tirelessly to help them obtain everything they need to have a good start at a new life, and once they start that life, we will be there to help them along the way. 



WE would like to have a fully functioning program in place
for those people and their dependencies who need to escape dangerous situations and simply disappear into a new life. This program will be highly confidential and secure. This will be six months in-house
program with 6 months supervised halfway house style living (with a
possible enrollment into our Leadership Academy).  

Each situation will be treated on a case by case basis.