You can access a full list of our guidelines by clicking

Apply To Retrograde with the following application and mail to: 507 3rd Street, Kalona Iowa, 52247 or email

Our program cost the student $520 a month.

$750 is due up front for a non-refundable entry fee, and we have payment/work options for the rest.

Monthly Breakdown

$300 a month room rental

$134 program fee 

$16 YMC Fee 

$20 Outside life coach

$50 Transportation

 Our life transformation Program:

So many people today wish that they could simply start a new life. Their lives have become unmanageable due to the cunning nature of addiction and their hope for the future has been stolen by past crime, mind destroying drugs, failed relationships and debt. They really wish they could just start again. Retrograde Life transformation program is a place for a person to do just that.

This program is more intense than going to meetings, 30-day treatment or outpatient treatment. From the start, student are challenged towards change and are immersed in an atmosphere of recovery, healing, and hope. Their path forward will be made very clear and the contrast between sober living and use is highlighted. Old habits and ways of thinking will be challenged and changed. Students slowly adjust to a new routine that connects to our 10 areas of health and focus.

Most drugs come with a 120-day emotional detox that is extremely challenging to break. The program supports them through this. As this happens they will quickly start to feel a change in their body as drugs and the long emotional detox start to reach it's end. 

You can access a full list of our guidelines by clicking


The ten areas we focus on:

Healthy Nutrition (eating right)  

Healthy Active Living (exercise)

Growing and maintaining a strong spiritual life (church, prayer, classes)

Growing mentally daily (education, study,) 

Hobbies and fun (ways to spend time enjoyable)

Surrounded by community (a strong connection to family and
new friends)

Working hard (work training)

Giving (helping community, visiting and taking care of the
elderly, helping out around the community) 

Communicating well (education, practice, feedback, classes)

Goals and celebrations  



Phase One: Fulltime Student (12 weeks) 

Go through the Retrograde 12 into lessons with staff

12 practical classes and 12 faith-based classes

Volunteer work and possibly work therapy

Create and set some fitness goals

Go through the first three weeks intro videos

Get a mental health evaluation

AA and Celebrate Recovery meetings

Read faith and recovery material and write reports

Attend the gym daily

Attached schedule

Phase Two: Part-time trainee & student (12 weeks)

Find a job through the temp agency. 

70% of earning need to go towards paying program bills.

Once bills are paid start saving.

Evening classes including AA & Celebrate Recovery.

Book studies and book groups.

Build strong church/faith connections.   

 Phase Three: Sober Living (32 weeks) 


Find a local apartment and or roommate (low-income housing is available) 

Counseling and mentoring with staff

Household accountability

Attend group meetings